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May 22, 2024

Good Fashion Fund Releases “LESSONS LEARNED” Report For The Textile & Apparel Industry

AMSTERDAM– The Good Fashion Fund (GFF), an initiative by Laudes Foundation and Fashion for Good, is pleased to announce the launch of its report titled “Good Fashion Fund – Lessons Learned during Phase I.” The GFF is a first-of-its-kind impact investment fund to create systemic change in the textile & apparel industry by financing the implementation of highly impactful & disruptive production technologies in Bangladesh and India. After the first three years of operations, the Fund has generated learnings on impact pathways and best practices, but also on the challenges that textile industry-focused impact investment still faces. Now is the time for sharing these insights with textile and financial sector stakeholders to support knowledge exchange and inspire more collaboration and future action.

Nov 15, 2023

The Good Fashion Fund and Epic Group Collaborate to Drive Sustainable Innovation In Bangladesh’s Fashion Industry

AMSTERDAM – The Good Fashion Fund (GFF), an initiative by Laudes Foundation and Fashion for Good, has partnered with Epic Group, a leading global supplier to renowned fashion brands, to pioneer sustainable investment in Bangladesh’s textile and apparel sector. The collaboration will support Epic Groupp’s efforts to upgrade and expand its Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) at the Epic Garments Manufacturing Company Limited (EGMCL) in Dhaka’s Adamjee Export Processing Zone.

Sep 12, 2023

How GFF and FWF work towards social improvement of textile & apparel factories in South Asia

– Jayanth Kashyap B, Investment Lead, Good Fashion Fund

The perception of sustainability within the global textile and apparel industry is at an inflection point. While apparel brands intensify efforts towards building circular supply chains and reducing carbon emissions, the pressure to equally focus on building ethical and socially responsible value chains has never been greater.

Aug 1, 2023

Good Fashion Fund makes new investments in India and Bangladesh

AMSTERDAM – The platform published an article on The Good Fashion Fund (GFF), announcing the completion of two new investments, including its first investment in Bangladesh and its second in India.

Jul 4, 2023

Good Fashion Fund Partners with Sri Kannapiran Mills in India

AMSTERDAM – The Good Fashion Fund, the Laudes Foundation and the Fashion for Good initiated fund, has made an investment in Sri Kannapiran Mills Limited – a leading Indian producer of cotton yarn and sustainable denim fabrics. The 2.5 million US Dollar loan will support Kannapiran Mills’ investment in the replacement and expansion of key sustainable equipment in two of their spinning factories (KG Naidu Mill, Balaji Mill) and a Denim fabric weaving & processing factory (KG Fabriks).

Jun 27, 2023

Good Fashion Fund Makes First Investment in Bangladesh

AMSTERDAM – The Good Fashion Fund, the Laudes Foundation and the Fashion for Good initiated fund, is pleased to announce the closing of its first investment in Bangladesh, with Progress Apparels Limited. The one million US Dollar funding will support Progress Apparel’s investment in a modern in-house washing plant at the factory’s Adamjee EPZ location in Dhaka. The washing plant will be equipped with state-of-the-art washing, drying and hydro machinery selected for its efficient use of water and chemicals.


Mar 27, 2023

How GFF utilizes the Higg FEM in its due dilligence

The GFF is unique in its focus on sustainable and ethical fashion and we’re proud to be the first financial investor to join the SAC’s global membership. In this Blog Gemma Verhoeven impact investment team lead at GFF, explains how GFF utilizes the Higg FEM as a key part of its environmental due diligence process.

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Using the Higg Index to trace environmental impact results as we drive towards more sustainable textile production


Dec 5, 2022

First investment of Good Fashion Fund in Prabitha Syntex demonstrates impact

The Good Fashion Fund jointly with its expert partners Fair Wear Foundation and Sphera, had its first on-site monitoring visit in December 2022. The investment is already showing fruitful results and positive financial, environmental and social impact in Pratibha’s spinning, processing and garmenting divisions. The impact of the investment is above expectations, according to Bernadette Blom, director of The Good Fashion Fund. This investment is in line with the goal of the Good Fashion Fund, working towards a more restorative and regenerative apparel supply chain.

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Good Fashion Fund’s first investment demonstrates impact

Nov 28, 2022

GFF-directors highlight the importance of turning words into action

United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and the non-profit Global Fashion Agenda (GFA) have launched the Fashion Industry Target Consultation to agree on targets to help the fashion sector transition towards a net-positive industry. Bernadette Blom and Bob Assenberg, partners at impact investment firm FOUNT which manages the Good Fashion Fund, have shared their insights in an interview for Impact Investor: “We feel it is important that all stakeholders, including the brands go beyond words, and actually support manufacturers in their supply chains to become more sustainable.”

Read the article on Impact Investor UN-backed global consultation on how to make fashion industry net-positive launched

Jun 29, 2022

Article ImpactInvestor stresses social and environmental need to invest in fashion and apparel industry

In an article on ImpactInvestor on June 27th experts from the Good Fashion Fund, Fashion for Good, Laudes Foundation and Apparel Impact Institute explain the barriers to investment in the fashion and apparel industry and why the opportunities should not be ignored.

Rogier van Mazijk, investment director at Fashion for Good stresses the need to invest in both existing solutions and innovation to tackle the vast amounts of carbon released into the atmosphere by the fashion supply chain. Bob Assenberg, fund director for the Good Fashion Fund also mentions the need to tackle the social aspect in parallel to the environmental issues.

Read the whole article on ImpactInvestor: In depth: Efforts to transform the fashion sector remain underfunded but opportunities abound


Mar 17, 2022

Lof Magazine publishes interview with Bernadette Blom

Lof Magazine has published an interview with Bernadette Blom, director of the Good Fashion Fund. The article ‘Schone Kleren’ (in Dutch) is featured in the Lof Magazine special edition about female leadership and sustainability in the Dutch financial sector.
Read the article ‘Schone Kleren’

Mar 8, 2022

A nomination on Women’s day for Bernadette Blom

Bernadette Blom, Director of the Good Fashion Fund and Founding Parnter of FOUNT, has been featured on the Dutch Top 50 Women in Sustainable Finance list, launched today on International Women’s Day.

The selection has been made by Lof Magazine and WIFS. It is the first time that Lof Magazine puts the spotlight on the relationship between female leadership and sustainability within the financial sector.

See the list of nominees ‘Top 50 Women in Sustainable Finance 2022

Jan 31, 2022

Causeartist adds GFF to list of social impact makers

Good Fashion Fund was listed by Causeartist | Social Entrepreneurship & Sustainability News as one of 50 social impact investing ventures changing the world! Causeartist helps discover insights and trends into impact industries such as – regenerative farming, ethical fashion, impact investing, web3 x crypto for good, climate tech, and sustainable travel.
Learn more on the website of Causeartist

Jan 28, 2022

The impact of GFF explained in podcast

The fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world. Every second 92 million tonnes of waste ends up on landfills. The Good Fashion Fund is driving systemic change in the environmental and social footprint of the textile & apparel industry.

Hear on podcast from director Bernadette Blom how the Good Fashion Fund is achieving these social and environmental improvements within the industry through impact investing.


Sep 1, 2021

BGMEA and GFF join forces to finance SMEs

The Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA) and the Good Fashion Fund (GFF) have joined forces to collaborate in taking the apparel and textile industry of Bangladesh a step further in the area of environmental sustainability by financing sustainable practices and technologies.

On Wednesday 15th of August BGMEA and GFF signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to support and strengthen the development and uptake of innovative sustainability solutions and particularly to improve environmental and social sustainability within factories in Bangladesh.

Read the whole press release


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Jul 21, 2021

Impact Investor highlights Good Fashion Fund in interview

Newsletter Impact Investor highlights Good Fashion Fund in an interview with director Bernadette Blom. The article focuses on the Dutch Fund managed by, and its first investment in Prathiba Syntex, a supplier to C&A, H&M, Patagonia and Zara. The Good Fashion Fund provides manufacturers with capital and expertise to scale up a sustainable way of making clothes. Read the interview: Dutch investment fund takes up the fight against fast fashion

Jun 29, 2021

Good Fashion Fund signs contract with first project

The Good Fashion Fund, the Fashion for Good initiated fund to drive sustainable manufacturing practices, has signed its first deal with Indian manufacturer Pratibha Syntex Limited. The 4.5 million US dollar, long-term loan, will support Pratibha Syntex’s planned capital expenditures for the replacement of machinery and expansion of sustainable equipment in their spinning, processing and garmenting divisions. Pratibha Syntex supplies textiles and garments to popular brands including C&A, H&M, Patagonia and Zara.

May 20, 2021

Good Fashion Fund interview on podcast

Bernadette Blom, partner at and Director at Good Fashion Fund recently joined Ryan Grant Little of EVPA for a podcast which is the first in a series with Europe’s leading investors for impact.

Check out the podcast recording to hear all about Good Fashion Fund’s innovative and sustainable finance solutions in the fashion industry

May 6, 2021

GFF partners with CAD and adelphi

The Good Fashion Fund is happy to partner with development evaluators GlobalCAD – Center of Partnerships for Development and adelphi to facilitate a continuous learning process that will generate knowledge and insights on emerging outcomes of our operations. Read the full article: Good Fashion Fund embarks on a learning journey with GlobalCAD and adelphi

Apr 15, 2021

Good Fashion Fund launches video

The Good Fashion Fund has introduced its video on YouTube explaining how the GFF can improve the fashion industry.

The fashion industry is polluting, has bad working conditions, and it’s not changing by itself. But there are fantastic, disruptive, original ideas that will improve the industry.

Watch the video to learn more

Jan 7, 2021

Stanford Social Innovation Review features GFF

An article in the latest edition of the Stanford Social Innovation Review (Winter 2021 edition) gives insight into the valuable contribution of the Good Fashion Fund. “The Fund’s particular marriage of environmentally mindful technology and textile production fills a significant gap in the fashion industry, states director Bob Assenberg.” Read the full article: The Future of Fashion

Nov 18, 2020

Good Fashion Fund in ‘De Dikke Blauwe’

De Dikke Blauwe is a Dutch booklet in which great benefactors within the philanthropic, cultural and art sector are represented. The Good Fashion Fund could not be absent. The Fund aims to significantly improve a positive impact of apparel manufacturing along the Five Goods: Good Energy, Good Water, Good Materials, Good Lives and Good Economy.
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Kleding met impact

Jun 9, 2020

Good Fashion Fund welcomes Rabobank

AMSTERDAM – The Good Fashion Fund welcomes Rabobank as an investor to the fund. Launched in September of 2019, Rabobank is the first senior debt investor to the fund and joins Laudes Foundation (formerly C&A Foundation) and the Mills Fabrica as co-investors in the first investment fund focused solely on driving the implementation of innovative solutions in the fashion industry.


Mar 4, 2020

How the Good Fashion Fund works: Q&A with director Bob Assenberg

The investment fund focuses on implementing innovative solutions for sustainable fashion, connecting promising technology to industry

Mar 4, 2020

FOUNT is thrilled to announce the launch of the Good Fashion Fund, a joint initiative by FOUNT, Fashion for Good, C&A Foundation and The Mills Fabrica.

This unique impact fund provides long term debt financing to sustainable apparel manufacturers in Asia for implementation of high-impact technologies. Through its investments, the Good Fashion Fund drives positive impact across the fashion industry in order to make it more sustainable. FOUNT is the Fund Manager.