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Jun 9, 2020

Good Fashion Fund welcomes Rabobank

AMSTERDAM – The Good Fashion Fund welcomes Rabobank as an investor to the fund. Launched in September of 2019, Rabobank is the first senior debt investor to the fund and joins Laudes Foundation (formerly C&A Foundation) and the Mills Fabrica as co-investors in the first investment fund focused solely on driving the implementation of innovative solutions in the fashion industry.


Mar 4, 2020

How the Good Fashion Fund works: Q&A with director Bob Assenberg

The investment fund focuses on implementing innovative solutions for sustainable fashion, connecting promising technology to industry

Mar 4, 2020

FOUNT is thrilled to announce the launch of the Good Fashion Fund, a joint initiative by FOUNT, Fashion for Good, C&A Foundation and The Mills Fabrica.

This unique impact fund provides long term debt financing to sustainable apparel manufacturers in Asia for implementation of high-impact technologies. Through its investments, the Good Fashion Fund drives positive impact across the fashion industry in order to make it more sustainable. FOUNT is the Fund Manager.