The vision of Good Fashion Fund is for manufacturers in the apparel supply chain to invest and reinvest in circular innovations, delivering both economic growth and good fashion practice across the Five Goods.

Five Goods

GFF aims to significantly improve the positive impact of apparel manufacturing along the Five Goods: Good Energy, Good Water, Good Materials, Good Lives and Good Economy.

Good Materials

Avoidance of waste and hazardous chemicals

Good Water

Increase in treated wastewater / de-crease in consumption

Good Economy

Revenue growth & additional catalysed funding

Good Lives

Fair jobs improved and created
Gender equality

Good Energy

Increase in renewable energy use / reduction in energy use

The goal of the Fund is to create “more good” instead of simply being “less bad”. Inspired by this vision, GFF is fully committed to environmental and social sustainability, including concrete action to support the transition to a circular apparel industry for supply chain players, away from the current linear “take, make, waste” model.


Our impact methodology is based on the best market standards, thanks to partnerships with leading organizations in the field of environmental and social impact. We actively support our investees to adopt best practices across the five goods to increase their environmental and social impact performance.


By using debt investments calibrated to generate a substantial impact while enabling the implementation of best-in-class technologies by textile & apparel manufacturers in India, Vietnam & Bangladesh.

A key objective of the Fund is also to contribute to the improvement of workers conditions and workers rights within the industry, to start with the demonstration of improvement within GFF’s investees. We work with dedicated local and international partners to implement, measure and monitor the improved social conditions during the long term of our investment.

E&S Policy

Our E&S policy incorporates leading industry frameworks, standards, best practices and resources and we work with best in class environmental and social impact experts.

The Fund uses the HIGG index for its environmental verification, measuring and monitoring and has developed its own E&S Framework including a specific GFF Social & Labour Checklist. This Checklist is primarily based on the Fair Trade Textile Standard program.

Key social focus areas are amongst others (i) Social Development, (ii) Freedom from Discrimination, (iii) Freedom from Forced & Compulsory Labour, (iv) Child Labour and Protection, (v) Freedom of Association, (vi) Conditions of Employment and (vii) Occupational Health & Safety.

We work with accredited E&S auditors and experts to add sustainable value to our investees.